Sunday, November 24, 2013

Animation, tougher and more time-consuming than what may appear to be.

It takes much more time to animate in the traditional, cell animation style than with 3D, mainly because the 3D suite(program) automates the process with bones, skinning and inverse kinetics. With 2D cell animation, the burden is on the animator to visualize test and move each section of the character.

Now that I am with a button animation of a breathing character, I realize that animating with GAP does take a lot of time. It allow to create animations reminiscent of the old days, but the sacrifice is time consumption.

Blender seems a nice platform to start animations. But for time constrains, I am unable to create the animations there. Another year may pass before I am able to animate in Blender though.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Animation and humour

One of the reasons that educational videos aren't as popular as the rest of videos(entertainment, mostly) is because they tend to sacrifice amusement for substance. Whilst it is more efficient in the short term(get away with the information as soon as possible), in the long term it is better to add humour and creative value that will make the audience crave more.

My recent attempt to add this is being challenged by the fact that animation does take a long time, even dimple ones like maraca shaking and caricaturesque breathing movements.