Monday, December 10, 2007

Christma's eve and it's meaning.

OK christmas is almost here and people around the world actually forget it's meaning.

No it is not that Santa Claus will be giving children gifts, neither is the christmas tree. It is all about the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. And all other associations of any other type are urban legends.

Everything is commerce, so at the end sellers would even sell you their body painted in green red and gold for having a nice end of year revenue.

Well guess what. Forget about your pocket and remember about your mind. Think what is going on, and stop mal-accostumed habbits.

Christmas is peace... don't know about that, let's just be objective and say that is the standarized , thought date of birth of a great profet.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Discussion in the google group led to determine the core reason why HTML enabling in Forums or just any posting box in any site, is risky.

excerpt from, searched for BBcode:

"BBCode was devised to provide a safer, easier and more limited way of allowing users to format their messages. Programmer convenience was certainly another factor, as BBCode is very simple to implement.[citation needed] Previously, many message boards allowed the users to include HTML formatting, a side effect of which was that malformed HTML could disrupt the page's layout, or HTML could be used to run JavaScript leading to XSS attacks. Some implementations of BBCode have suffered problems related to the way they translate the BBCode into HTML, which could negate the security that was intended to be given by BBCode. An alternative is a properly written HTML filter (many of which are freely available)."

And if an HTML filter is implemented, lots of time and experimentation is needed, but since has other priorities, RST is the lightweight markup language used, also because Python libraries are available for implementation with RST.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

By the way the link to my tutorial series on C .

The link is here:

Nebula 3

Have been waiting for the releases of the Nebual 3 build from Floh, the main programmer behind this game engine. I think that this engine will rock, besides being open source(except, of course, for the XBOX360 nd other platform specific builds) , the engine spans lots of features previously not available in Nebula 2.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Guido's sense of humor.

Guido Van Rossum, has an excellent sense of humor (consider that 'Python' for his language, is not from the well-known snake, but rather from the 'Monty Python' british comedy series):6.2 Standard Modules Python comes with a library of standard modules, described in a separate document, the Python Library Reference (``Library Reference'' hereafter). Some modules are built into the interpreter; these provide access to operations that are not part of the core of the language but are nevertheless built in, either for efficiency or to provide access to operating system primitives such as system calls. The set of such modules is a configuration option which also depends on the underlying platform For example, the amoeba module is only provided on systems that somehow support Amoeba primitives. One particular module deserves some attention: sys, which is built into every Python interpreter. The variables sys.ps1 and sys.ps2 define the strings used as primary and secondary prompts: >>> import sys>>> sys.ps1'>>> '>>> sys.ps2'... '>>> sys.ps1 = 'C> 'C> print 'Yuck!'Yuck!C>

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jens Horst suggestion on showmedo comments

Jens Hors, a programming teacher, suggests that I shorten the lenght of the video, due to the human mind distracting easily after an aproximate period of 6 mins. and he is right, but perhaps I should leave it as is, and people can come back and play from where they left...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

For pygame learners.

If you know how to program in python in a basic level, and are interested in programming sprite games, you should definetely check Chuck Arellano and Florian Meyers approach to Pygame, with screencasts.

Screencast tutorials on C

Screencasts are now the most used resource on internet for showing someone how to do something on the computer. Professional developers are now showing how to program, create content for web, graphic applications, etc. , motivated by paying back to the internet community.

I have started the series of screencasts on the C programming language, I start though, with studying skills for programmers and gradually advance towards more advanced subjects.

I'll keep you updated, as soon as new videos are finished.