Thursday, March 28, 2013

Programming does not equal a sedentary life.

In society there are a lot of stereotypes and annoying insinuations, that somehow permeate, especially westernised cultures.

Programmers don't have to be 2 inches-thick wearing glasses gals/guys with an insurmountable hunchback, saggy buttocks and insolent attitudes when confronted with situations out of their comfort zone. Those are all stereotypes.

A programmer is simply a person that programs a computer. In between programming sessions, a programmer can find balance in life by physically exercising, meditating, hanging out with friends, eating healthy etc.

I have another blog which expounds on health and workout matters. Varied nutrition and daily exercise is part of a healthy lifestyle that everyone should aspire to self-prescribe.

Plenty scientific evidence supports the notion that a healthy body entails a healthy mind, ergo better programs and scripts come out of exercised people.

My workout blog will focus on exercises and workouts without having to spend significant amounts of money for equipment.

Good sleep and social interactions are also key for a happier and healthier life. Be sure to follow the workout blog to balance life in the most meaningful and positive way.