Monday, January 24, 2011

Downloading Code::Blocks

In this video I show you how to download Code::Blocks from the world wide web. Code::Blocks is an Open Source and free Integrated Development Environment for C and C++, with support for lots of plug-ins.

Our purpose to use Code::Blocks is to show that IDEs(Integrated Development Environments) quicken the workflow for programmers but are not absolutely necessary to build programs(MinGW is necessary). The editor (which is a part of the IDE) will prove useful early on this video series.

setting up MinGW

In this video I aim to show the audience how to set up MinGW so that we can easily compile with the command line tools and Code::Blocks(Integrated Development Environment) alike.

Downloading MinGW

In this simple educational video, I show you how to download from the official website MinGW, which stands for Minimalist GNU for Windows. It is open source software that uses some GNU and Microsoft libraries to build C (and other languages as well) programs.