Saturday, August 15, 2009

Screencasting Handbook.

Ian Ozsvald is releasing his screencasting handbook's first draft on September (To be finished a few months later). A manual to cover all screencasting aspects involved in producing videos for web/DVD distribution, to show products, website, and educational content.

Screencasting has become a very important yet unknown profession, that shares territory with teaching, software programming, software usage, and general computer knowledge, along with video/audio editing, voice-over, video compression/encoding and multitasking.

I'd call it a science by itself. So much, that a book is being developed by an expert. With almost 200 screencasts under his belt, Ian Ozsvald has helped dozen of thousands of programmers across the world, with his excellent free and Club-subscription based Python tutorials, aimed at beginners to intermediate Python users.

The price is still not defined, the last time I checked it was €25 . Totally worth the price if you are a teacher that wants to improve his/her teaching method; a webdesigner/maintainer that wants to introduce the functionality within the webpage to his/her users; a technical support specialist that wants to improve work efficiency by referring his/her customers to his/her screencasts; a software developer that wants to introduce his/her software functionality to the audience in a much clearer, visual and more succinct way than traditional HTML based documentation. It might even help people wanting to document their progress on certain studied subject, somewhat like taking notes, the difference being that it is much faster and clearer in the case of software usage/programming when using screencasts.

So the title had the link but here it is again:

Screencasting handbook

And visit the excellent open source software screencast (I've been uploading to) site: