Monday, November 8, 2010

10 new "Just Enough C" language tutorials.


Long time since my last post. Now I inform you that I´ve finished the work of 10 new "Just Enough C" screencast tutorials. Highly edited and enhanced so that audio is clear and concise. There are some zooms here and there and the method of recording was:

  • Record only video of screencast with Camstudio
  • Edit the necessary parts(censoring ads form webpages, adding zooms, deleting unnecesary frame ranges), with VirtualDub or GIMP-GAP. Depending on the level of editing.
  • Add audio with Audacity whilst following the edited video being played.
  • Join the audio with the video stream through VirtualDub.
  • Compress using MPG4 or Camstudio Lossless codec. For audio raw WAV of AC3.

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