Wednesday, April 24, 2013

どちらがいい? "," とか «,»

A note on text style for tutorials and subtitles(captions if it is the same language as the played audio).

I was in a dilemma as to what type quotations to use in captions and text tutorials, regarding special words or input(I only knew that " and ' existed). Figuring out that by pressing «Alt»+«0171» in any QWERTY Windows keyboard one can obtain the « character; and by pressing «Alt»+«0187» one obtains the » character; I decided to use both characters « and » in subtitled words that indicate mutable concepts or options selected or input by the user.

In text formats, as in this very example, I generally use italics for newly introduced concepts(like in the first usage of the " « " and " » " characters in this very blog post) and bold style for highlighting text. Since those are not supported by the SubRIP specification I will avoid such highlights. For immutable and predefined strings I will use the double quotes("") encompassing it, and for alleged characteristics(perhaps with a hint of sarcasm) I will use single quotes('') encompassing it.

Using spaces before and after quotations, e.g. :

  • Input « "hallelujah Bro!" » on the input box.
  • At the right side of the left column, we can read " "He will be angry about it. Honestly." " 

Is the solution I have come up with for avoiding ambiguity between instruction indicative quotations and literal quotations(like in the second example, a direct speech, AKA non reported).

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