Monday, July 29, 2013

Intricacies of a failed system.

Developing the mind requires a lot of effort, but seems that surviving with so much abundance shouldn't be an issue. It has always surprised me how only money is able to organize some people.

Hunter gatherer homo sapiens had gift societies in place, and people simply organized as the resources(food, cloth, hunting weapons, kitchen tools, toys, etc.) were acquired through inspection of their surroundings. Now with commerce in place, the movement of money seems the only factor to organize resource allocation, but society's communal properties vanished.

Now people seem more interested in gaining resources through manipulation and other people's endeavours than by personal or group effort. The community is degraded and even relationships turn into usable commodities. It is no wonder why many of today's urban couples view themselves as toilette paper, to be used for the moment of need and thrown to the garbage bin when finished.

Also, sustainability has been given less priority, giving hedonists a paradise, but future generations a potential hell.

Nonetheless, hope is not lost. I am working on creating aquaponics systems with some Madrid residents, and at august I depart to Italy in order to partake in the maintenance of a sustainable park.

Once certain level of self sufficiency is achieved, I will be able to produce more tutorials and free/open source software promotions.

Capitalism has not treated me well, despite my capacities as a labourer. That is why I and all people with enough self-esteem should embark in self-sufficiency and reduce the dependency to commerce and money, otherwise we cannot help the community.

I am working on the edutainment explanation, dubbed in Italian, but captions and subtitles in English, Spanish and Japanese will be available for international viewers.


Unknown said...

It is a pity that now everyone thinking about self improvement and things has come on "I" rather than "We". That is the major reason why technological advancements are not speeding up.

Silvester Norman
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Gabriel Hasbun-Comandari said...

You aren't providing a solution though.