Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Different video hosting sites for different purposes.

Vimeo is problematic when uploading videos. Not only does it not offer advertising partnership, but it puts ads around one's video without sharing with the content creator! Add to that, the fact that my Zoom demo video is still in processing(which really isn't, it probably simply is timed to be available when it is programmed to, to persuade the standard account user to buy the Vimeo Plus account.) To solve that, I have other accounts in other less known video hosting sites, like Trilulilu, where I uploaded the Zoom tool demonstration for VirtualDub.

YouTube is the ruler, as it offers advertising partnership, allowing independent screencasters to flourish(still pending for me). It also offers from the lowest resolution to the highest of HD, unfortunately adds black strips at the sides if the aspect ratio is not 16:9 .

 ShowMeDo has halted, and is not allowing videos to be uploaded. The uploader is buggy.

Facebook allows video uploading, but the quality isn't high.

I was surprised that Blogspot(Google's Blogger) allows small resolution uploads of videos, with a Flash player reminiscent of YouTube.

The other option is to buy web hosting services, but that is the last option, because one is the payer, rather than the other way around(Like in the case of YouTube ad partnership.)

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