Sunday, January 13, 2013

Audio editing and hell semantics.

I am working on the edition of audio, by moving, translating, subtitling and testing alternative takes that may match the parts that in the main take were missing or defective.

I have found out that by making video tutorials about video capture, and talking about the audio editing of the resulting video tutorial, the semantics go crazy. This will help me understand and develop with the NLTK Python toolkit. For example:

The audio editing of a video tutorial about video and audio stream recording is almost finished.

That was quite understandable, however there was a lot of word repetition, each word, meaning different things. Also 'video and audio stream' can be linking 'stream' to 'video and audio'; or just 'audio', leaving 'video' semantically linked with 'recording' or alone.

Another more confusing example:

The video tutorial audio editing regarding video and audio stream recording is almost finished.

Modifier nouns are used which turn the associations further complicated.

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