Monday, February 11, 2013

The constant update necessity of on-line producers.

As intricate as the title may sound, in reality it is simple: one must update the blog and social networks, at least to let people know that one is alive and that work is being made directed toward the intended audience.

The reason why blogs are so famous is because one needs very little time to spend on its design and implementation, updates are fast, and it is a personal vision of the subject matters treated.

Writing is easy, nonetheless, writing sensible and coherent things is more challenging. Especially technical and intellectual subject matters.

As you all may well know, screencasting, microphone/voice acting techniques, image/audio/video editing, translation, computer programming/scripting and didactics are not easy subject matters.

Combining all of them puts a huge burden on the author for content accuracy and quality. Updating, even small portions, is a challenge.

Trouble withstanding, the video tutorial regarding recording audio/video streams is in its final stage. I will link to the workout videos I am also working when they are finished as well(those, nevertheless, are hosted in my workout blog).

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