Thursday, December 13, 2012

A piece of advice for voice performance:

  • Perform all the podcast/screencast in one shot if possible.
  • Otherwise, take many shots(5 to 10), for every 2 to 5 sections(all performed on the same session.)
  • When you start the editing session, the best shots from the many takes will be used to mold the master track(by uniting the best takes of the chronological sections)
  • Make sure your surroundings will stay quite for a significant amount of time.
  • Only perform with adequate equipment.
  • Apply the least amount of equalization and compression.
  • If you slip words or err, don't stop, rather continue by repeating what you missed/erred.
  • Take time to relax, the tenser you are the worse the performance will be.
  • If the speech's pace is fast and relentless, take a deep breadth before starting.
  • Place sound echo blockades, like sheet and clothes around walls and tables.
  • Be happy. Sadness or unfeelingness is transmitted through the voice.
  • Honey, yogurt and aloe vera are excellent throat cleansers.
  • Sit or stand in a comfortable position.
  • Script reading will highly enhance your fluency.
  • Avoid scripts if it is a quick podcast/screencast.

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