Monday, December 31, 2012

New World Order Conspiracy, World War 3 and more maniac irrelevant phrases.

So it is happy new year I guess, well still a couple of hours for that event. What exactly is it that we are celebrating? Why exactly this date in the Gregorian calendar chosen for the celebration of year's end. A cycle around the sun, but why we started counting on January first? Or why January first had to be tomorrow. It is a complete random day, since the winter solstice is 21 and 23rd, so not exactly 31st of December. Well for whatever reason, happy partying. I've got too much work to party, but hey, I'd rather program AI and create screencasts. Free will. さようなら。 PS: I will be releasing a screencast soon about Camstudio and screencapturing your screen and audio from the motherboard's audio device, later, next year. ;)

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