Saturday, December 15, 2012

My YouTube channel is not getting new subscribers, but the total video view of my channel is getting almost to 30,000. That is pretty admirable, considering it is technical information with basically zero exposure, other than very few Adwords publicity I got from an airport magazine bonus gift. So $0 spent on publicity, yet managed to get 30,000 views. Of course this is because YouTube and search engines help people arrive to the information they are looking for.

There is nothing better for higher viewcount than to create great video content. This is not feasible in the videogame world, unless one is talking about crappy, programmer-artwork filled flash games. Fun particle and one button games have been made and have been successful, but are rare.

My objective is to gather people interested in my tutorials, and create great videogames once a team of jack of all trades developers is formed.

For now though, expect Great GIMP, C, and Python programming video tutorials to flourish. I will experiment with humour and animation, and see how that works out for video viewcount.

See you later.

Truly yours,
Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari.

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