Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Audacity has its let downs, here and there. It doesn't allow label tracks' label delimiters to snap to other delimiters in other label tracks or audio track's clips delimiters. This of course poses the difficulty of having to zoom in to accurately match the translation of the subtitles of the audio of a video file.

Apparently there is no plug-in to appease this trouble, and according to the Audacity forum, Nyquist(the Audacity supported scripting language) does not allow to read label files.

Now, I am posed with a predicament: should I spend time on the creation of a script that would automate the subtle time shifts in the various subtitles from the many dub versions(in multiple languages), or should I just simply manually copy the timestamps of the labels from the originating exported label(Audacity's subtitle and marker feature) file and paste to the destination exported label file(different languages tend to have different timing for the same phrases)?

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