Saturday, December 22, 2012

I am writing in many blogs so as to attract the attention of various users to my videos. the more the better, the japanese blog site 'Ameaba', is also a great place to get some attention from.

My only Japanese blog until now, is somewhat lovely that people in Japan(being so reserved) are now sharing their experiences to the world as well.

Blogging is a great tool to develop and expose one's abilities to the rest of the world. Exposing the various thoughts and daily activities to people is a great way to attract attention to one's work as well.

That's why I have recently become highly interested in the NLTK project, as it allows me to lever the burden of constant blogging updates, by just typing in a summary, or perhaps just a phrase, and be able to post complete articles out of the huge amount of text available through the web and the semantic reordering of such notions hinted by my initially inputted phrase.

Typical semantical deconstruction of a typical English phrase

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