Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I have been trying to come up with the plan for the whole video series coming ahead.

I must translate the captions of the previous C console programming videos, to Spanish Italian and Japanese(with the help of translators, because my technical Japanese is subpar).

I will also create the voice over of the aforementioned videos in the aforementioned languages, so that I have a wider audience, this will also allow me to verify Google's Analytics, so that I can see where the majority of my audience is from. For now, India is #1.

I will also start creating blog posts on those aforementioned languages, so ignore the languages you don't understand.

This will hinder a bit the production of elaborate presentations, but the fast Q&A screencasts would be continuous.

Of course there are short term and long term objectives.

The short term objective is to make money out of the advertisement from YouTube screencasts and this Blog. It pays little with few viewers, but I have seen some C and GIMP tutorials rank as high as 200,000+ views. That's actually significant revenue. And now TrueView advertisment is more effective than the previous types.

Selling screencasts is a bad idea. I have seen many companies selling screencasts go broke because the business model is wrong. Selling digital media at this stage of technological advancement is ludicrous. However, having advertisements for physical products on digital products makes more sense. I particularly abhore advertisements, but with all the tools out there, people that refuse to watch them will avoid them.

Donations are a bummer. People rarely donate, because they assume that if they don't donate, somebody else will. The problem is, everybody thinks that way, ergo $0 on donations.

On the other side, if people ask me personalized help from my expertise(programming, image/video/audio editing, screencasting, performing voice over), I might simply charge them. Or if they want a specific task explained in a screencast, and they are willing to bid, then I'd place priority to the completion of such screencast.

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