Monday, December 10, 2012

YouTube not accepting SRT captions converted by sfl2txt

Know my new rival:

"Unknown Track format" has been appearing just because I use:

to convert the exported Audacity TXT label files(which I use as a subtitle marker) to SRT files (supported by YouTube overlayed caption system)

If a file with the exact same properties as that of the exported SRT file is typed in a new notepad document,  saved with the .srt extension and finally uploaded as subtitles for a YouTube video, it works.

So I went ahead and checked for the encoding for the text in both files(the converted one, and the hand-typed one) with Mozilla Firefox. Surprisingly both had the ISO-8859-1 encoding, typical of Latin-1 alphabets with no Unicode support:

Still, YouTube should have recognized the converted SRT, since it recognized the equally encoded text on the hand-typed file.

It remains a mistery to me...

Now it is time to explore the Aegisub exporting capabilities.

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